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I'll guide you through the digital booking process, new client service options, and pricing so your first visit will be effortless. 


Let’s Get Started!

Hair By Taylor Britain


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Each of my services are specially designed with you in mind. From effortless trims to full makeovers, I've got the perfect service for you.



Complete New Guest Form

My new guest intake form is a pre-visit consultation to get to know more about your hair and information about yourself. At your in-salon visit, I will have a basic understanding of what you do and don't like & we will talk more in depth of the look you are wanting to achieve!


Learn About Me

Of course, we will have plenty of time to chat at your visit, but let's start to get to know each other now! You can click below to get started!

Taylor Britain


Book Your Appointment

Since you are new, I'm going to give you step by step instructions on booking your visit!

1.) Click the button below & select book now to continue. 

2.) Click "select a category"

3.) Choose the "New Client" category and select your services! 

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